Factors Which Influence Child Custody Cases

Factors Which Influence Child Custody Cases

Certain factors greatly influence the outcome or the final decision in these cases. These are the factors which help the judges when making or rendering their verdict. Their cases are determined in family court. In a family court, judges are guided by the interests of the child. The ruling made is meant to protect and safeguard the interests of the child involved.

It is the responsibility of the judge to decide on the category or type of custody the case should be. It is important to note that even though the judge will make the final decision, his or her decision can still be changed depending on the different circumstances.The following are the main types of child custody

Joint custody

This is a special type of custody in which both parents share their child’s time. In this case, the child is given an option of living with one of the parents during the weekends, summer or even during the holiday.

Sole custody

This is a scenario which occurs when the judge decides that the child involved will live with one parent. In most cases, the judge will be compelled to choose this type of custody when there are compelling reasons to do so. For instance, you could be having one parent who is abusive or even addicted to drugs. Such parent can expose the child to dangers.

Primary residential custody

It is a special custody which is mainly awarded to one of the parents while the other parent is just given visitation rights.

Children’s best interests

This is a situation whereby the child’s interests are taken into consideration. The age and routines of the child involved in such a case will play a key role when the case is being determined. Most of the child’s custody cases are based on this decision. The judge has to critically consider all the information that is provided by the different sources before rendering his or her final decision.


Parent’s situation

This will include both the father’s and the mother’s situations. In this case, the judge will have to look at the employment history, job training or even the schooling of the parents involved. As a parent, the stability of your home life, lifestyle, salary and your living situation will also be considered. The court might even go ahead to check if the parent has any criminal activity.

Geographic considerations

Here, the judge will have to establish is the parents are moving. The parent’s movement can affect the life of their child in one way or another, the parent’s geographic location can influence the type of custody granted by the judge.